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"Shari Thornton is a dynamic leader who turns opportunity into action. I have worked with Shari on urban forestry projects and watched her assemble teams, craft budgets, and raise funds with professionalism and compassion. She will bring the same energy as a Commissioner."

---Dr. Charles Reith, Director. Rotary/Veterans Forest Partnership

 "I have worked with Shari Thornton on a variety of issues and projects through the years where she has continually proven herself to be an excellent leader.  Her wide range of skills and experience enable her to make fact-based decisions on challenging situations.  She knows how to delegate effectively and follows-up to confirm issues are resolved. She has an open mind, encourages feedback and respects others' opinions. Shari has always been active in her community and is leading volunteers with the Eco Forest on Jacaranda Blvd in Venice. Shari will make a great county commissioner. "'

---Norma Dayton

Stop Over-Development
  • Hold the line on density and intensity

  • Maintain public safety and improve traffic

  • End taxpayer subsidy of private development -  surtax of $69,297,493 

  • Honor historic public promises to conserve the natural resources and provide for environmental resiliency of Sarasota County 

Preserve Health and Human Services
  • Support for health and human services which meet the needs of the community 

  • Support our nonprofit partners that provide services to our working families

  • Support our community Hospital

Responsive Government for All
  • Listen to county citizens and the business community

  • Work together as one to build community solutions

District 3

The boundaries of County Commission District 3 are marked in yellow.

The district comprises the City of Venice, North to Laurel and Border Road, and South following along Route 41. Only residents of District 3 may vote in this race.


In 2009, Venice and Sarasota County stole my heart. I was fortunate to find a place in Venice and make this amazing community my home. Since then, I have discovered just how wonderful Sarasota County is as a place to live and work. Whether it’s our gulf beaches and waterways, arts and culture, historic downtown Venice, more cosmopolitan downtown Sarasota, North Port and Englewood, our natural areas, bike paths, golfing, fishing, boating, and more, Sarasota County has broad appeal. We need to maintain and enhance these positive aspects through thoughtful planning, development, and conservation. 


As Sarasota County Commission, District 3 representative, I will make the evolution of Sarasota County my priority through listening to everyone and considering the needs of our varied population, including young families, the elderly, and vulnerable populations. It means not just maintaining the natural, cultural, and economic treasures of the County, but also our healthcare and human services systems. I want to help ensure we have sound county policies for the community–and that is accomplished by listening to stakeholders and constituents.

I will use my 30-plus years experience as an executive and dynamic problem-solver in the healthcare industry to bring the people of Sarasota County together for community solutions that work for everyone. For the last 17 years of my career, I worked for a large regional health system, effectively partnering with community organizations to ensure that public and private concerns were met. The same energy for collaboration and cooperation I brought to my executive role will serve me well as a representative of the people in our unique County. 

As a resident of Sarasota County, I have served at the Sarasota County Polls for multiple elections, currently serve as the President for my community HOA, and work with businesses and nonprofits to enhance our community. I now want to use my experience to serve our larger community as your county commissioner.

We must maintainall the aspects thatdraw people to live andvisit sarasota county



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